ST105 Bend Over

  • Product Code: ST105
  • Movie Title: Bend Over
  • Studio: Spankthis
  • Approx. Run Time: 77 minutes
  • Format: HD
  • Street Date: 2019-06-21
  • Themes: Bareback

    Spanking, Twink, Big Dick, Facials, Blowjob, Blonds, Brunette, Jock on Twink, Tattoos

  • Cast:

    Max Carter, Adam Hunt, Logan Cross, Josh Brady, Jeff Sterne, Nicholas Romero, Angel Rivera, Cole Claire, Ashtin Bates

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Movie Synopsis

Busting at the seams and over stuffed with an extra scene, this collection of cherry cheeked twinks is a spank lovers wet dream! From jock strap clad Latinos with plump posteriors to beautiful blond brothers with bangin’ backsides, these tight bodied twinks all have one thing in common, they’ve all been very, very bad and need to be taught a lesson. Hot hunks and heavy handed, paddle wielding daddies deliver porny punishment to beautiful bad boy’s back seats, cracking cans till they're ripe red and ready to be behave. We’ve added an extra special, seat swatter for the finale. Tattooed new comer, Ashtin Bates brings his sexy spank scene to the next level with nut busting results, which sooth this caboose collection with fresh, hot cream! Brace your backsides for a beautiful burn boys.


Bend Over

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